Two of the goals for HKTIIT are:

In order to fulfill these goals, among other strategies, we support and contribute to the establishment of various centers and laboratories within HKUST.

Center for Wireless Information Technology (CenWIT)

In order for Hong Kong to become a leader in Wireless Communication Technology, we believe that Hong Kong's tertiary institutions must play a leadership role and lay the foundation for future technological advancement.  If tertiary institutions in Hong Kong can better link their world class research results and innovative ideas into local industry then spawning of new industry in Hong Kong may take place.  In order to serve this role the CeNWIT, with the initial funding from HKTIIT, was established within HKUST.

Multimedia Technology Research Center

The Multimedia Technology Research Center is established to provide a knowledge resource for enabling Hong Kong's computer, entertainment, consumer electronics, and telecommunication industries to develop new products and enhance their competitiveness , and train industry personnel with up-to-date knowledge and the latest developments in the area of digital video and related audio.  The center also provides an infrastructure to develop state-of-the-art technology by keeping abreast of useful technological breakthroughs.

Center for Networking

Center for Networking (CFN) serves as a focal point for multidisciplinary research in networking technologies. It brings together the finest people, facilities and technology available to provide research and development support to the telecommunications and
networking industry in Hong Kong and South China. The main objectives are:

1) To carry out the state of the art research in all areas of networking that may lead to the
    development of commercially significant technology

2) To create and maintain a skill base in networking through formal research programs,
    seminars, and continuing education

3) To facilitate industrial collaborations and technology transfer.

Human Language Technology Center (HLTC)

The Human Language Technology Center (HLTC) is an interdisciplinary research center founded in 1997 to drive new research directions an applications in language engineering, multilingual processing, speech recognition, machine translation, inforamtion access, text mining, spoken language understanding, and Chinese language processing.

The next decade will see massive progress in speech and natural language technology.  Demand for intelligent multimedia interfaces has risen sharply with the increasing sophistication of computing and communications systems, the rapid growth of the Internet and intranets, the emergence of computer-telephony integration, and the expanding deployment of wireless communication networks.  Human language - spoken and written - is by far the most direct and natural means for human beings to communicate.  Human language technology will enable users to communicate in their own language through wireless terminals to intelligent agents providing interactive information services, over worldwide communication and computer networks holding enormous quantities of text and audio data.

Systems built at HLTC include automated language translation for the Internet, speech-based web browsing, and speech recognition for the telephone.  Special emphasis is given to machine processing of Chinese language.

Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

Tunable Laser Laboratory